The women’s magazine we really need vs. the one we get. 

In matters of science, there is no substitute for reading the original studies. Science journalists, and for that matter popularizing philosophers, should be drawn upon cautiously. Moreover, the studies often present complexities and issues that summaries, especially of the ax-grinding sort, tend to omit.
If you tell journalists that they are restrained in adversarial reporting by such motivations, they will vehemently deny it and perhaps even believe their denials. Media self-censorship is rarely overt… Any employees who thrive in large corporations do so by learning what’s in their employer’s interests and acting dutifully to promote those interests.
Rate Of Uninformed Conversations About Navy SEALs Skyrockets

"What’s that? Actually, no, I’m NOT interested in engaging in an exchange of strongly held opinions with you about that topic that we only have a superficial understanding of from recent news reports."