A new project from the makers of FactCheck.org that consists of making entertaining video take-downs of deceptive political ads, speeches, tv appearances, etc

For example:

How to Disagree

Paul Graham’s Disagreement Hierarchy:

  • DHO. Name-calling.
  • DH1. Ad Hominem.
  • DH2. Responding to Tone.
  • DH3. Contradiction.
  • DH4. Counterargument.
  • DH5. Refutation.
  • DH6. Refuting the Central Point
  • DH7. Improve the Argument, then Refute Its Central Point (credit to Steven at Accelerating Future)
There are highly motivated, well-funded industries out there devoted to manipulating what you believe, what you care about, and what choices you make. …Critical thinking skills can help to protect you from the …manipulative rhetoric that we encounter every day.